Shrek the Third

New review from Nick at Nite

Shrek the Third. Why, oh, why did they not stop at Shrek 2? In fairness to the creators, writers, and producers of Shrek 3, they actually did stop trying after Shrek 2. Honestly, a huge disappointment. The sharp writing and comedic moments of the first two films has turned into a tired, formulaic Saturday Night Live skit. In the third installment, Shrek and Fiona must find someone else to be King after the King dies leaving an unwanting Shrek as the next in line for the throne. Enter, Justin Timberlake (The Social Network). Timberlake, sans N-Sync and Janet Jackson, goes through much teen angst as he decides whether he wants to actually be King. I was bored. My son was bored. You will be bored. Rent one of the first two movies and you will be happy. Play outside and you will be happy. Just stay away from this one. I give it a “C-.”


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