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Stagecoach (B). Some John Wayne movies are coming out on DVD now, and you can get them at Sam’s Wholesale dirt cheap. That is how I came to watch this, my very first John Wayne movie. Considering that it was released in 1939, it holds up remarkably well. Several people are traveling west on a stagecoach. As they approach Apache country, they learn that they are losing their Army escort, and they decide to proceed without it even though Geromino is reportedly on the warpath. One of the company is The Ringo Kid (Wayne), who intends to get revenge on the murderous Plummer gang if the stagecoach reaches its destination. A good film, and it features a remarkable stunt in which a stuntman falls under the team of horses and gets passed over by the stagecoach itself. (There’s an homage to that stunt in Raiders of the Lost Ark, I believe).


2 comments on “Stagecoach

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  2. […] Quiet Man  (C-).  This 1952 release was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar©, and John Ford (Stagecoach) took the statuette home for Best Director, but it really isn’t all that great a movie.  […]

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