The Valet

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The Valet (B+). This French farce delivers laughs like a well-oiled machine. The set-up is expertly executed in the first few minutes of the movie — Francois Pignon (Gad Elmaleh, Priceless) is a lowly car parker at a Paris restaurant with a splendid view of the Eiffel Tower. A philandering billionaire is squabbling in public with his supermodel mistress, Elena. A paparazzo snaps a picture of the two quarrelers just as Francois happens to walk by. To keep his wife from divorcing and ruining him, the billionaire lies that Elena is with Francois, not with him, and to back his story up he arranges for Elena to move in with and pretend to be dating the bewildered Francois. After that, I’ll say only that things spiral out of control in a delightfully comical fashion. Get over your aversion to subtitles and see this breezy, 85-minute comedy.

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  1. […] digger working the French Riviera. She mistakes a lowly hotel bartender named Jean (Gad Elmaleh, The Valet) for a wealthy man, and Jean falls hopelessly in love with her after a boozy one-night stand. She […]

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