Rocky Balboa, 28 Weeks Later

Two new reviews from Nick at Nite

Rocky Balboa. I pity the fool who don’t see this movie. Gone are all the stupid storylines. No match with Hulk Hogan. No match with evil Russian. No match with kid from down the street. This is a stripped down version of Rocky. Like the original Rocky, the focus in this movie is the character and his common sense, charisma, and gentle nature. This movie is good for all the reasons that the original was good. Don’t dismiss Rocky Balboa because they misfired in Rocky III and Rocky IV – act like they never existed and put this movie in the DVD queue. You won’t be disappointed. It is a good bookend with the first movie and nice way to see Rocky go off into the sunset. Plus, as much as we knock Stallone. Remember his Oscar? Remember what it was for? Well, there is a little glimpse of that in this movie. I give it a “B.”

28 Weeks Later. First, a tirade. Went to the movies at 10:10 on Saturday night. I don’t know what people are thinking, but there were a ton of little kids out at this time seeing movies. Worse, there were some in 28 Weeks Later. This is not Mary Poppins. What is the world coming to? I remember when I was a teenager I would go to the late movie, we went because no one else did. Why aren’t these kids at home, sleeping? Almost seems like child abuse to me. Second, the movie. Not as good as the first one. I don’t think this one is directed by Danny Boyle. However, it is quite good. It is essentially a continuation of the first movie. The focus is on different characters that survive the first 28 days of the “rage” that is portrayed in the first movie, only to be subjected to a disastrous turn of events 28 weeks later. Recall the “rage” is a infectious disease that was spread from infected monkeys to humans when a science experiment went tragically wrong. The “rage” almost instantly turned the infected into the flesh eating Zombies (is there any other kind of Zombies?). Apart from a Jaws 4-like Zombie that is able to track down his prey, this movie is believable, scary, entertaining, and fun to watch. We follow two kids who return to London 28 weeks after the original infection has wiped out the British population. The Zombies apparently all starved to death because they had no food. The kids were away on a school trip at the time of the original infection. A U.S. led NATO force is helping the repatriation of British residents who were away at the time of the original infection. The U.S. led NATO force establishes a green zone just like in Iraq and it has numerous problems just like the green zone in Iraq. I enjoyed the movie. Check it out. I give it an “A.”


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