Spider-Man 3 – take two

From The Movie Snob

Spider-Man 3 (B-). I don’t have too much to add to Mike’s analysis. This movie is pretty much more of the same — too much more, at 2 hours and twenty minutes in length. It’s just too long. And after seeing Spidey get slammed through walls and into steel girders for the 20th time, I started to think come on, he’s not Superman for crying out loud. And I go back and forth on whether Kirsten Dunst (Midnight Special) is actually attractive or not; this movie had me more in the “not” category. Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World) was much more fetching. But you be the judge.


One comment on “Spider-Man 3 – take two

  1. […] is bound to get her into trouble.  Al the actors do a fine job, including Bryce Dallas Howard (Spider-Man 3), who is fearless as the hatefully racist queen-bee Hilly Holbrook, and Cicely Tyson (Because of […]

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