Miss Potter

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Miss Potter (A-). Renee Zellweger (Cinderella Man) stars in this biopic about children’s author Beatrix Potter, best known as the creator of Peter Rabbit. According to the movie, at the start of the 20th century Potter was in her 30s, unmarried, and living with her stuffy upper-crust parents in London. She had no friends to speak of, but she had a lively imagination and was an excellent illustrator and watercolorist, specializing in rabbits and farm animals. Something possesses her to try to publish one of her stories, and a publishing firm reluctantly agrees. The junior member of the firm (Ewan McGregor, Jane Got a Gun) is assigned to her project, and the two fall in love. Complications ensue. Sure, the movie is a bit melodramatic, but I enjoy a good melodrama once in a while, and this one is solidly plotted, well acted, and features some great views of the British countryside. Check it out.

4 comments on “Miss Potter

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