The Descent

DVD review by Nick at Nite

The Descent

Good and creepy. Don’t look for the happy ending because you won’t find one. Clever tale about seven ladies who take extreme vacations every year (one of the ladies is a special guest on “This Descent” and thus serves the role of the first die, also known as the “Star Trek expendable crewperson”). Usually, the vacation revolves around a little whitewater rafting or rock climbing. Adventurous, but not crazy vacationing. Well, after one of their whitewater rafting vacations our lead protagonist’s husband and daughter die in a tragic motor vehicle accident. They die right after our lead protagonist is clued into the fact that her husband has been having an affair with one of her vacationing buddies. Fastforward to the next year’s vacation. The seven ladies gather, drink a bunch of beer, and try to cheer up the lead protagonist. The seven ladies then climb into an unknown, never-before-explored cave in the Appalachian Mountains. They believe they are going into a known, completely explored cave … except the adulterer among them has planned this vacation as a really extreme trip into the unknown, never-explored cave. She is trying to bring out their inner strengths. Deliverance pales in comparison to what they find in the cave. A rock slide gets them stuck in the cave. The go deeper into the cave in an attempt to come out of the cave. The don’t find the way out, instead they find crazy vampire-like humans who like to hunt animals and humans. Our seven ladies are taken out one by one. I will not give away any of the three twists at the end of the movie. I will say the adultery plot finally seems like less of rabit trail and makes sense. Check it out yourselves. This movie has a very high gore factor. Some mild cussing. No nudity – unless you count the crazy vampire-like humans. It can’t be that bad, my wife actually watched it with me. I give it a “B.”


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