The Break-Up

DVD review from Nick at Nite

The Break Up

Wow. Boo, I hate this movie. Rarely can I say I hate a movie. I like a ton of bad movies. Ask anyone. I like Waterworld. I even laughed during parts of Ishtar. I tolerate a ton of mediocrity, even crap, for just a little slice of humor, action, gore, originality, etc … This movie simply stank. By the time we rented the movie, we had forgotten how bad the original reviews were; shame on us. Without giving the entire plot away, let me just say this is not a feel-good movie. It is not a good date movie. It is not a snuggle-on-the-sofa-and-share-popcorn movie. This movie is like someone selling you a ticket to see a Kramer v. Kramer type movie (not the Seinfeld Kramer) by conning you with a preview that makes you think it is Wedding Crashers Part II. This is not Wedding Crashers Part II. It is a “my dog died, my wife left me, and I lost my job” type of movie. Not a holiday uplifter. I give this movie a “G.” It is one letter past “F” in the alphabet, so that must mean it is worse, right? If this is the type of movie you are looking for, skip this one and rent Barefoot in the Park. Jane Fonda was still cute and the story is just right.


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