Nick at Nite knows horror

New DVD reviews from Nick at Nite

Silent Hill

I should know better. A movie based on a videogame, and a videogame that is just not very good. Moved by the spirit of Halloween, not to be confused with the friendly, happy spirit of Christmas, I rented this film. Well, the only horror is that I wasted two hours of my life trying to unravel this garbage. The plot, or what I could make of it, is as follows: over-bearing religious types try to burn girl for being a witch, she is sort of saved by a well-meaning police officer, the devil makes some sort of bargain with the very badly burned girl, the devil and girl set fire to whole town, the fire rages for years, girl or girl’s evil twin or devil’s twin is adopted by unsuspecting family, and unsuspecting family is lured back to burned town and bad things happen. Honestly, this is just a bad movie. I was so confused and bored. I give it an “F.”

Underworld: Evolution

Two great things that go great together: leather and vampires. This sequel to the surprising Underworld is low on plot and high on special effects. If you like your vampire movies mixed with science fiction and plenty of gun play, then this is a good movie for you. We start at the end of the last movie with our heroine and her werewolf/vampire boyfriend being hunted by other vampires. Big chase ensures. Our heroine (Kate Beckinsale, Love & Friendship) discovers how she became a vampire and why her family was killed. Lots of high-flying fisticuffs and goth imitations. I give it a “B” for adventure and a “D” if you are looking for a good Halloween flick.


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