Retro review: Beverly Hills Cop

From Nick at Nite:

Beverly Hills Cop

My wife told me on Friday night she had never seen Beverly Hills Cop. I was not too surprised since she grew up in San Angelo, Texas (last time I drove through town, the marquee at the theater still listed Casablanca and Gone With the Wind as first run films). Beverly Hills Cop was released in 1984. 1984? Hard to believe it is that old. Hard to believe I am that old. The soundtrack to the film includes Glenn Frey and the Pointer Sisters. Groovy tunes. Eddie Murphy was still funny and parachute pants were still “in.” Still, the movie is not stale. Like Trading Spaces, Dr. Detroit, Caddyshack, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and Kramer v. Kramer, Beverly Hills Cop is good today because it was good when it first came out. Eddie plays a Detroit cop who travels to Beverly Hills to investigate the killing of one of his former juvenile-delinquent friends. Hilarity ensures. Watch for Damon Wayans’s cameo. My wife pointed him out. Memorable line, “I am not gonna fall for the banana in tail pipe routine,” pretty funny. I give it an “A.”


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