Nacho Libre

DVD review from CBG

Nacho Libre

Another comedy from the same director (Jared Hess) and writer (Jerusha Hess) that brought you Napoleon Dynamite. Nacho, a friar in an orphanage, is a disrespected cook. He longs to be a luchador – or professional wrestler – complete with outfit and mask. When a new nun shows up, Nacho strikes out (literally and figuratively) to pursue his dream to become a pro wrestler, win the love of Sister Encarnacion and help the orphans. Hilarity ensues, or at least it should. Unfortunately, Nacho Libre is mostly Nacho Muerto. Yes, Jack Black (King Kong) is funny. You can’t help but laugh as he prances around in wrestler’s tights and ad libs silly songs. And yes, Sister Encarnacion (Ana de la Reguera, Cowboys & Aliens) is muy caliente. But the Hess influence is clear – it’s Napoleon Dynamite South of the Border – just not as funny or original as the first.

Judgment: C-


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