Ultraviolet is Ultrabad

New from Nick at Nite

Ultraviolet. Usually, science fiction and Milla Jovovich are “two great things that go great together,” e.g. The Fifth Element, Resident Evil, and Resident Evil: Apocalypse, you know, just like chocolate and peanut butter. In this movie, they don’t go too well together, you know, just like Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Ultraviolet, based on a Japanese comic book, is the story about humans who become infected with a virus that turns them into something similar to a vampire, but without the blood sucking. Turns out the uninfected humans hate the infected humans. Milla Jovovich is infected and is trying to make it so everyone can just get along. FX are incomplete and unimpressive. How do all these people die, literally hundreds by swords and gun play, yet there is not more than an ounce of blood spilled by any of the characters? Plot? What plot? If you want to see some science fiction and you are a big Milla Jovovich fan, rent The Fifth Element. That Luc Besson film is excellent and strange. Save your money on this stinker. I give Ultraviolet, which should be right down my alley, an “F.”


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