V for Vendetta

New from Nick at Nite

V for Vendetta. This is not your father’s made-for-television sci-fi mini-series. No alien lizard babies were birthed by human mothers in this movie, humans are not eaten by alien lizards in this movie, and humans do not rise up to destroy the alien lizards who suddenly reappear in a later television series. This is a better-than-most movie adaptation of a comic book intended for adults. It is a cross between The Count of Monte Cristo, 1984, Brazil, Zorro, and Moscow on the Hudson (okay, not so much Moscow on the Hudson). It is very entertaining, the acting is superb, and the story is an original twist on a well-known plot. Basically, through fearmongering a dictatorship takes over England (see George Bush and the Republican Party). A victim of the ruling junta rises up to challenge the dictatorship (junta meaning – military dictatorship). The masked victim, known as “V,” mobilizes the people who revolt against the ruling junta by planning a Guy Fawkes’ type demonstration (remember November 5th and big explosions). Natalie Portman (Thor: The Dark World) who plays a friend, acquaintance, confidant, aide, etc … to V, continues to make me think she will eventually be remembered as one of the greatest actresses of her generation (I think she is destined for Oscar glory). This movie was not well-received by the critics or the movie going public. I think they were wrong. I think they expected the Matrix Part IV since this movie was produced by the same Wachowski brothers. Well, it is not the Matrix. Get over it. The production values are the same, it is not as good as the first Matrix, but does not have the tired feel of the second two films. I think the critics bashed the movie because they don’t like the Wachowski brothers. They are strange, but that is no reason to dismiss the film. I say rent it. You won’t be disappointed that you did. I give it an “A.” Pay special attention to the monologue given by V, where he uses a series of words that start with the letter “v.” A very visceral venting by V.


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