Miami Vice

From The Bleacher Bum:

Miami Vice

FINALLY, a mainstream movie that is rated R, instead of PG-13. Michael Mann did not hold back creating a movie version of his famous 80s television show. Like the television show, the movie takes you on a ride, and it is one that does not stop. It is less flashy than the television show, but violence, nudity, and coolness are everywhere. Mann (Heat and Collateral) wrote and directed the movie, and no one is better at shootouts and car chases. In damn good casting, Colin Farrell (The Killing of a Sacred Deer) and Jamie Foxx (Baby Driver) replace Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas as James “Sonny” Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs. They have the clothes, cars, boats, guns and, of course, the women. The script is very simple with little dialogue and only a plot twist or two. Farrell and Foxx are two undercover cops trying to bust Cuban and Colombian drug dealers. The rest of the cast is very solid. If you liked the television show — and who didn’t? — you will enjoy the ride.

Bleacher Bum Review Scale:

Miami Vice: Triple


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    >Based upon the box office, most people agree with you.aj

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