You, Me and Dupree

A View From Mars

You, Me and Dupree (C) I believe I have completed the last leg in the “man-child” trifecta which began with The Break-Up and followed with Click. The man-child in question is played to a tee by Owen Wilson (Midnight in Paris) who stars as Dupree. The You and Me are played by Matt Dillon (Crash) and Kate Hudson (The Skeleton Key), respectively (or not). The basic plot of this one revolves around Matt and Kate getting married and the lovable (at times) and carefree Dupree shacking up with them for the time being. The yuks ensue. There were some funny moments and I can only think of one time in which I laughed out loud. I’m a fan of Owen Wilson, but I prefer him in better and far funnier movies. Not much to say about this one considering we’ve already seen the premise of a comedy in which the main star is supposed to grow up, and within months no less. This movie is better suited for an evening rental with no expectations, Owen fan or not. Go see the other two of the man-child trilogy.


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