An Inconvenient Truth

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An Inconvenient Truth (B-). As a card-carrying member of the vast right-wing conspiracy, I was not terribly enthusiastic about watching Al Gore preach for an hour and a half or so. He did grate on me, but the subject-matter of the movie is undeniably interesting. His argument is simple: the temperature of the earth changes in direct correlation to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Thanks to human activity, principally the burning of fossil fuels, the level of CO2 is now at an unprecedented high, and it is continuing to rise. This will lead to large-scale climate change and probably turn central Florida into beachfront property. The science and the graphics were interesting, but where was the balance? Is the scientific literature on warming really as unanimous as Al makes it out to be? And what are we supposed to use to replace fossil fuels? I think the elephant in the corner there is nuclear power, but Al won’t say that for fear of alienating his green allies. And I was annoyed at the digressions into Al’s personal life–his son’s life-threatening accident as a six-year-old, his working on the family tobacco farm. Judging from this film, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Gore in ’08….


3 comments on “An Inconvenient Truth

  1. >I think your assumption that Gore is promoting Nuclear power is not necessarily correct. We have technology now, including solar and wind, that makes nuclear power completely unnecessary as a means of solving global warming. For example, did you know that the Toyota Prius is capable of getting 100 miles to a gallon of gas? It’s true. There are Priuses in Europe that get that much, and there’s a group in the U.S. that have figured out how to retrofit the version of the auto sold in the U.S. to get that kind of mileage.And, did you know that this type of thinking is no longer limited to tree-hugging liberals? Nope. Religious conservatives are joining forces with the “greenies” because the religious conservatives see that our dependence on foreign oil is only funding terrorism in America.

  2. >Oh, I don’t necessarily disagree with many of your points, Movie Man Mike. I’m a right-winger, but even I have started to recycle (since the City of Dallas maks it so danged easy to do so). And I agree that Hummer owners are virtually in league with petro-terrorists. My only quibble (and an uninformed one at that) is whether solar and wind can ever supply our energy needs to the extent that nuclear power could.

  3. […] Documentary: Sorry, Al, I’m going to pass over An Inconvenient Truth in favor of an IMAX movie called Deep Sea 3D. But the Truth wasn’t nearly as hard to swallow as I […]

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