X-Men: The Last Stand; The Da Vinci Code

Nick at Nite actually goes to the movies for a change:

X-Men: Seriously, The Last Stand

Perhaps it was just too much to hope for three excellent movies featuring a merry band of mutants. Everything about this film seemed a little tired to me. Even the outrageous special effects had a been-there, seen-it-before feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I love big explosions and Famke Janssen just as much as the next guy, I just wished for a little more after the first two films. Is it just me or has Halle Berry been the star in only one good film? And was the film really good or was it just controversial? I digress. Here the X-Men must fight their own. A battle of mutants ensues. If you love or loved comic books, then you will enjoy this movie. If you still love comic books and you are over the age of thirty, move out of your parents’ basement. If you are a casual X-Men fan and saw the movies because they were big summer blockbuster movies . . . I say save your money for Superman Returns. I give X-Men a “B.”

The Da Vinci Code


Well, ain’t that a poke in the eye. This sounds crazy, but the book almost seems less controversial to me now. (Spoiler) When Robert Langdon looked at Sophie Neveu and proclaimed her the “the direct descendent of Jesus Christ …” I almost heard the critics laughing at the Canne film festival and organized religion the world over screaming for another screening of the Passion of the Christ. Perhaps because the book was longer and located in the fiction section, the book just seemed like a fun read. It has been two years since I read the book, and I honestly could not remember how it ended. This should perhaps be a reflection on the quality of the book. The movie … well it was a fun watch, I like a good mystery and Ron Howard can tell a good, if formulaic story. The scenery is very cool and the pseudo-history lessons are interesting. If you can set aside your religious leanings and are not easily offended, I say go see this movie. If you have a thin skin and thought the book “was based on real life events,” then you should stay away. I give this movie a “B.”


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