The Pink Panther

DVD review from Nick at Nite

The Pink Panther

After having seen this movie my only conclusion is that one of the producers of the movie must have a series of compromising photographs of Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, and Beyoncé. Nothing else could possibly explain why this movie was made. Well, money. Money could explain it. Remarkable to me that at this point in their careers any of the three of these actors need any money. Kevin Kline’s wife is an actress … they must have gobs of moo-laa. Steve Martin is not married and has no children … he probably has a few million stuck in his sofa. Beyoncé? Isn’t she the only one that really was Bootylicious and as such doesn’t she have all of the cash from her all-powerful girl group? I was so thoroughly disappointed with this film that I am going to stop asking for the advice of the sixteen year old working at my local Blockbuster. Save yourself the time and pain. Rent the original Pink Panther. Not any of the sequels. The original. Get some popcorn. Put on some clothes from the late 70s or early 80s and have a good time. I give The Pink Panther with Steve Martin a “D.” I give The Jerk an “A.” I give the original Pink Panther an “A.”


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