A new book review from The Movie Snob:

Perelandra, by C.S. Lewis. This is the second book in Lewis’s Space Trilogy. In Book One, Out of the Silent Planet, British professor Ransom was kidnapped by two other human beings and taken to Mars. There he encountered three alien races that had never experienced the Fall and thus lived in a state of natural grace and harmony. In this book, celestial powers solicit Ransom to go to Venus (called Perelandra by its inhabitants). There, in another vividly described alien landscape, he encounters a beautiful, basically human-looking woman who, like the Martians, has not suffered the Fall from grace. However, her Perelandrian paradise is soon invaded by a second human being from Earth. As the invader’s evil designs become clear, Ransom realizes that his mission is nothing less than to prevent the intrusion of original sin into this new Eden. Much more cerebral and overtly theological than Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra is not bad but not as good as the first book. Still, I look forward to seeing how it all comes out in Book Three, That Hideous Strength.


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