Closer, Zathura

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A tightly wound drama following four individuals who have little moral fiber and few redeeming qualities. It feels like a play, with long exchanges of dialogue followed by often abrupt changes of scenery. It feels like a play because it was adapted from one. I was sucked in from the very start. The writing is sharp and the actors are great. It is not a feel-good movie. The focus is betrayal, trust, and infidelity. Some of the characters are sad. Some are mean. Some are downright distasteful. Regardless, the movie is very entertaining. I will admit that when these actors cry, and trust me they all cry, it felt real, too real. The movie has a couple of interesting plot twists. I won’t give them away here. It is an adult movie, with adult themes. The language is colorful and the acts described shocking. Princess Amidala (Natalie Portman, Annihilation), where have you gone? She has gone to a better place. This a good movie. I gave it an “A.” Just don’t let your kids watch it or go to see it with the in-laws.


I liked this movie alot better when it was Jumanji. Zathura is a pseudo-sequel to Jumanji. Both Zathura and Jumanji were books before they became movies and were written by the same individual. The fact that they were written by the same person is the only explanation for why those associated with Jumanji have not brought a plagiarism charge or copyright-infringement claim against those associated with Zathura. They are the same movie except one is set in the jungle and the other is set in outer space. Basic plot: kids fight, one of them finds old game, they play old game, bad things happen because game is “real,” and kids win game and bad things stop happening. It is PG for a reason. The description for the PG rating was peril. I give it a “B.” I give it a “C” if you have seen Jumanji. Take your gradeschooler; it is appropriate for them to see.

5 comments on “Closer, Zathura

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