The Family Stone

The Movie Snob goes off:

The Family Stone (F). I had been warned that the trailers do not accurately preview this movie–that it’s not really a comedy at all, but a drama with a few lighthearted moments. I was not warned that it is also an insufferably smug movie that would suffocate me in every P.C. cliche yet devised by the mind of man. To top it off, it stars the unappealing Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City). On the plus side, her character is supposed to be unappealing, so at least the casting people did their job right. I loathed her from the moment she first appeared on screen, having not one but two conversations on her cell phone while wandering around a department store where her long-suffering boyfriend is doing some Christmas shopping. Romantic subplots abound, but they’re completely preposterous from beginning to end. Ultimately, I didn’t need my handkerchief once, but an airsickness bag would have come in handy. Avoid at all costs.

7 comments on “The Family Stone

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