The Devil’s Rejects; Mr. and Mrs. Smith

New reviews from Nick at Nite:

The Devil’s Rejects

Wow. This movie is bad. Normally, I go for this kind of violent, depraved, no-redeeming-values kind of a film, but it stinks. I told a friend I wanted to see this movie because I had been so freaked out by Rob Zombie’s first film, House of a 1000 Corpses. House is a true horror type film done in a very over the top Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind of a way. The Devil’s Rejects is a Thelma & Louise meets Natural Born Killers knockoff. I don’t recommend this movie to anyone. I cannot believe I watched it. I give it an “F.”

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Angelina Jolie (The Tourist) is one freaky woman. That said she looks pretty good on screen. My wife thought Brad Pitt (World War Z) looked pretty good, even if he shouldn’t have left Jennifer Aniston, so I think my wife and I are pretty even. This movie revolves around a husband and wife that have been keeping their real professions secret from one another. The secrets are tamping down the passion in their marriage. It is not until their secrets are revealed that the action gets revved up and their marriage is somehow saved. I give this move an “A” for action, an “A” for eye candy, and a “B” for plot. It ain’t great, but it is a wonderful Saturday matinee type film.

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