The 40-Year-Old Virgin

A new review from That Guy Named David.

The 40-Year Old Virgin (B+)

As a fellow virgin, I was struck at the way the movie portrayed the emotional roller coaster that those of us who have yet to experience the physical side of love endure in our tragic struggle to make it through everyday society. Okay, I am just joking . . . except about the emotional roller coaster, but that’s just attributable to my job. The 40-Year Old Virgin was a ridiculous movie that had some ridiculously funny scenes that made for a pleasant-going movie experience. I thought Steve Carrell was absolutely hilarious and did a great job with his first leading role. It was one of those movies that never veered from the direction which you knew during the first five minutes that it would eventually go; nonetheless, the individual scenes were enough to keep you laughing throughout. Good, light, summer entertainment to bring in the beginning of fall.

6 comments on “The 40-Year-Old Virgin

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