Batman Begins

Woo-Hoo! Today we had our 10,000th hit!

And now a new review from The Movie Snob:

Batman Begins (A-). I thought this movie was just about as good as a comic-book-superhero movie can be. The director takes the first third of the movie to tell us the backstory of how Bruce Wayne became the Dark Knight, and it is a great ride. Then it’s back to the seething cesspool of Gotham, where young Bruce gropes his way towards the familiar cowl and costume. Unlike the previous Batman movies (at least the two I saw), the focus here is squarely on the hero; there is no scene-stealing ubervillain to divert our attention from Wayne’s struggle to come to grips with his parents’ deaths and his tremendous appetite for vigilante-style justice. I didn’t see the George Clooney incarnation of the Caped Crusader, but I thought Christian Bale buried Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer with his outstanding performance. The film’s one weakness is Katie Holmes, who is pretty much a cipher. And why is her smile so lop-sided? It’s like half her face is paralyzed or something. For the sequel, bring back the love interest from Batman Forever, and we’ll have an A movie for sure.

6 comments on “Batman Begins

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