The Ring 2

A View From Mars:

The Ring 2 (D-). I don’t quite know where to start and it’s all I can do to contain myself from just bashing this movie entirely and it’s because of this mindset that I’ve yet to review a movie this horrible. However, if it will save my fellow reviewers a few bucks, then why not let you learn from my bad experience. The basic premise pretty much stays away from the winning formula that made the first movie profitable; which is in dealing with what happens to the characters after they view this neo-art house scary video. The second installment more or less deals with Naomi Watt’s kid and his “interaction” with the little girl stuck in the well from the first one. The “video” is virtually non existent and leaves you wondering what the heck happened to all the extra copies that somehow reappeared to kick start the opening moments for part 2. This movie is not scary, it’s not suspenseful and it’s not worth your time, money or effort. Stay away!

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