From The Movie Snob:

Wimbledon (B-). Who says The Movie Snob doesn’t do mainstream? Although I gather that this mainstream production sank beneath the waves of the stream like a stone, I thought it wasn’t half bad. Paul Bettany, recently seen in Dogville and Master and Commander, plays Peter Colt, an Englishman and a professional tennis player on the verge of retirement to the life of a club pro at the age of 32. Kirsten Dunst (Interview with a Vampire) plays an up and coming American tennis star whose name escapes me. They are both playing at Wimbledon, they meet cute, they like each other, obstacles present themselves, the typical romantic-comedy routine. The twist is that Colt, who was supposed to lose rather promptly, starts winning match after match after taking up with the plucky young American. As romantic comedies go, this one was decent; there were some honest laughs, and Bettany and Dunst have some chemistry. Although it must be said that there is a slight ick factor at work sometimes, since Bettany looks every bit of 32, and I don’t know how old Dunst is but her character gives the impression of being 19 or 20. Worth a look, if this is the sort of thing you go for.


2 comments on “Wimbledon

  1. […] try to manipulate the young queen, most especially the prime minister Lord Melbourne (Paul Bettany, Wimbledon). King Leopold of Belgium, who was Victoria’s uncle, sent his nephew (and Victoria’s […]

  2. […] but a few are still stranded there, along with one lonely teacher, Miss Edwina (Kirsten Dunst, Wimbledon).  The ladies are getting by, but everything changes when one of the younger students goes out to […]

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