Shaun of the Dead; Resident Evil 2

From Nick at Nite:

Shaun of the Dead and Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse

How many Zombie movies can a guy see in one weekend? Three. I saw Shaun of the Dead on Friday night. Stumbled into a late showing of the Resident Evil sequel, came home and watched some of 28 Days Later. I appreciate all three of these movies for very different reasons. Shaun of the Dead is funny. I won’t retread the entire plot line here, as the Movie Snob has already done that in his review, but for fans of the Zombie genre this movie pays homage to all of the great Zombie movies of the past. Favorite two moments, a character is disemboweled just like in George Romero’s classic and at the end of the movie a newscaster says the infection was not caused by monkeys – as was the case in 28 Days Later. Shaun of the Dead was an original idea that made me laugh for 45 minutes. That is an “A” every time. Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse left exactly where the last movie ended. The residents of Raccoon City are quickly becoming infected with the very bad T Virus. The T Virus turns everyone into Zombies. It is up to a small group of survivors to make their way out of town and expose the evil Umbrella Corporation. Fortunately, the small group of survivors includes two extremely beautiful women. This movie has a ton of gun play, little humor, and tons of action. I give it a “B,” but only because I am trying to encourage the making of future Zombie films. I believe I gave 28 Days Later an “A” in an earlier review. My grade remains the same. It is an original, scary movie. It is highbrow, evidenced by the fact that I saw it at the Magnolia.


3 comments on “Shaun of the Dead; Resident Evil 2

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