From The Movie Snob:

Primer (D). This film’s claim to fame is that it was made by a guy in Richardson, TX for $7,000 — and then went on to win some big prize at the Sundance Film Festival. I don’t know what those Festival-goers were smoking, but I was not impressed. I guess it’s supposed to be a sort of psychological suspense story with a science-fiction edge to it, as these two completely ordinary guys stumble on this amazing discovery while working on a bunch of electronic gizmos in one guy’s garage. It has the promise to make all their dreams come true, but will they be able to overcome their human weaknesses long enough to capitalize on it? At least, I think that’s the point of the movie; the story is told in such a disjointed fashion that by the end of the 78-minute run time, I was completely confused as to what had happened and what they had done. I read a review by a guy who saw the movie three times, and he said that it made more sense each time. Personally, I’d rather go back and rent a better movie on the same theme — like My Science Project or Weird Science.

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