Bride of Frankenstein

From the shelf of The Movie Snob:

Bride of Frankenstein (B+). This 1935 classic is distinctly superior to the original. The set-up is amusing: it is a dark and stormy night, and the author of Frankenstein, young Mary Shelley, is in a mansion with her husband and Lord Byron, who is heaping praise on her horror story. She advises that there is more to the tale than she previously told, and the rest of the movie is her rendition of “the rest of the story.” Turns out the monster survived the angry mob of peasants, and he’s now loose in the countryside. Meanwhile, sinister Dr. Pretorius has kidnapped Henry Frankenstein’s wife to force Frankenstein to help Pretorius with a familiar-sounding experiment: the creation of a living person from dead bodies. Only this time, it’s a woman!!! When the monster gets wind of this plan, of course, he’s all in favor of it. There are actually some touching scenes, such as when the monster meets a lonely blind hermit who befriends him and teaches him to speak a few words. (“Friend . . . good.”) And of course the shocking ending when the Bride of Frankenstein meets her potential mate for the first time. Is there a love connection? Tune in and find out.

2 comments on “Bride of Frankenstein

  1. […] was nominated for six Oscars, including a best supporting actress nod for Elsa Lanchester (The Bride of Frankenstein) as Sir Wilfrid’s overbearing nurse.  The DVD’s extras include the movie’s trailer and some […]

  2. […] to help them decide whether a crime was committed, and then to catch the killer. Elsa Lanchester (Bride of Frankenstein) turns in an overwrought performance as a landlady who tries to make a few bucks off the crime, but […]

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