From That Guy Named David:

Elf (B)

Will Ferrell could possibly be the funniest person alive. His portrayal of Buddy the Elf had me laughing throughout this movie. While, generally, I’m not a fan of the Christmas movie genre (with the exception of Christmas Vacation, which is a staple at my home during the holidays), Ferrell’s performance made this otherwise cheesy movie enjoyable. I still can’t stand James Caan, and this movie did nothing to change my opinion of him; however, Ferrell’s performance was the spotlight and definitely the highlight of this movie. This is a good movie to see if you have a couple of free hours on a Saturday or Sunday during the holidays.

2 comments on “Elf

  1. […] Pixar nails it with this film. The characters in this film are really rich and charming. Ed Asner (Elf) is perfect as the voice of Carl Fredrickson and I never suspected that Christopher Plummer […]

  2. […] is trying to figure out what is going on using the scientific method. Zooey – the cute girl from Elf – plays Marky Mark’s wife. A few other characters matter, but not enough to get mentioned. This […]

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