Shattered Glass

A review from The Movie Snob:

Shattered Glass. (A-) Hayden Christensen, all is forgiven. This young actor was a blank as the adolescent Darth Vader in the last Star Wars movie, but he is dead-on as journalist Stephen Glass in this independent flick. The ingratiating Glass is well-liked by his equally youthful colleagues at The New Republic, and he pleases the older folks who run the magazine with colorful and lively pieces that fit their worldviews to a T. But then questions start to crop up about some of his sources, and the answers only lead to more questions. I found the movie compelling (especially because it is based on a true story and apparently adheres very closely to the truth), and the performances were excellent. Don’t let this one get away.

While taking in an episode of VH1’s Top 100 One-Hit Wonders (well, maybe several episodes) today, I saw an advertisement for a program that no observer of The Movie Court will want to miss. Apparently American Movie Classics is going to run some sort of program about Nicole Kidman on the Monday after Thanksgiving. I know you won’t want to miss an opportunity to learn more about one of the finest actresses of our time.

One comment on “Shattered Glass

  1. […] is an evil Egyptian pharoah, played with zero menace but lots of lisp by Hank Azaria (Shattered Glass). He has a plan to take over the world, but if you’re like me, you’ll find it […]

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