I Capture the Castle

A fresh review from Movie Man Mike:

I Capture the Castle

This is a wonderful film about love. Cassandra Mortmain (Romola Garai) and her sister Rose (Rose Byrne) are two adolescents who are part of a very eccentric and comical family living in England. Rose is determined to marry into wealth and escape the poverty in which her family lives. Cassandra is determined to help Rose realize her dream. Cassandra, however, has also pledged that she herself will never fall in love. When Rose and Cassandra meet two brothers who have been reunited and enriched by the death of their father, Rose and Cassandra hatch a plan to help Rose realize her dream. The events that follow are quite entertaining. The story and its characters provide a refreshing and touching look at the effects love can have on people and their relationships. Filmed on the Isle of Man in Wales, the scenery is captivating. The costumes for this 1930’s setting are also worthy of mention and, at times, whimsical. If you like independent films, you should see this one. (A-)


5 comments on “I Capture the Castle

  1. […] David and skipped this movie. But I saw a decent review. Then I read that it features Rose Byrne (I Capture the Castle) as a pop diva, and I kind of like her. So I gave it a shot. To be sure, I did laugh a few times. […]

  2. […] is the goofy love story between Achilles and the captured Trojan priestess Briseis (Rose Byrne, I Capture the Castle). But if you like swords-and-sandals epics, I don’t see how you could fail to like […]

  3. […] voyage that is likely a suicide mission to boot. And it’s always nice to see Rose Byrne (I Capture the Castle, Troy) working, even if she is not at all dolled up for the part. I give it a […]

  4. […] Arthur, his appearance reminded me of Bob Geldof in The Wall). Romola Garai, who was so good in I Capture the Castle, is unfortunately rather wasted in the role of Wilberforce’s devoted wife. Highly […]

  5. […] learns to massage the bruised ego of past-his-prime movie star Ambrose Hilliard (Bill Nighy, I Capture the Castle), and generally gets a crash course in the trials and tribulations of moviemaking.  Jeremy Irons […]

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