Old School

A few comments from The Movie Snob.

Old School. (B-) Yes, the Snob went slumming this 4th of July weekend, searching high and low for an American movie that would celebrate the values that make this country great. This movie delivered on all counts: it glorified fraternity life, empathized with ordinary guys suffering from mid-life crises, gave a comeuppance to a stuffy and malevolent (is there any other kind?) college dean, and delivered truckloads of brainless, crude, occasionally offensive, humor. At least for the first hour. After that the movie kind of gave up the Spirit of 21st Century America in favor of attempting to transmit some message about the importance of teamwork and even acknowledging some sort of grudging respect for Growing Up. But until then, it was undeniably, if intermittently, amusing.  Starring Will Ferrell and Luke Wilson.

2 comments on “Old School

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  2. […] has worked well in the past. Will Ferrell + News Anchor = Ron Burgundy. Will Ferrell + College = Old School. Will Ferrell + Funerals/Weddings = Wedding Crashers. Will Ferrell + Soccer = Kicking and […]

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