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Chicago. (A) Okay, so everybody’s probably already seen this movie. I saw it last night, for the second time actually, and enjoyed it almost as much as I did the first time. Unfortunately, my enjoyment was hampered by the fact that a tremendous thunderstorm blew through the area in the middle of the movie, and it sounded like the theater was getting pummeled by bowling-ball-sized hail. So for about twenty minutes, all I could think of was my car getting pulverized in the parking lot. But then it subsided, and I managed to focus on the movie again. Until another, smaller storm rolled through. But you’ll be glad to know that the hailstorm sound effects were apparently the result of a poorly-designed roof, because afterwards I found my car wet but none the worse for the wear. As for the movie, I will admit that Catherine Zeta-Jones gave a stronger performance than Renee Zellweger, but I didn’t think she blew Renee off the screen like some critics have said. And although Richard Gere is not much of a singer, I thought his acting and dancing were more than satisfactory.

7 comments on “Chicago

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  7. […] of the Rings movies, and the guy who plays the unctuous Spartan politician (Dominic West) was in Chicago. A fun movie, as long as cartoonish carnage doesn’t bore you or gross you […]

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