The Two Towers; The Omega Man

Some reviews from Nick at Nite.

This last Saturday night I saw The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers for the fourth time. This movie has it all – it has action, romance, mayhem, and no Gwyneth Paltrow. I was only disappointed that the movie was not longer. The screenplay, and thereby the movie, strayed some from the original Tolkien material. There is no scary black orb, Shadowfax is not very fast, and there is a crazy elf played by the daughter of that guy from Aerosmith who looks a little like a younger Mick Jagger (although we look forward to seeing more of her in the next movie). At one time there was an alliance between people that did not like to play complicated board games, like the Settlers of Catan, and big time Hollywood producers that kept movies like this from being made – thankfully that alliance has been broken. Here is to a third installment of the greatest saga since The Thornbirds. I give this movie an “A+.”

Another classic, not to be missed, is The Omega Man. Perhaps Charlton Heston’s finest performance and a precursor to his leadership of the NRA, this is an action-packed, gun-toting, post-apocalyptic romp thru the 70s. Complete with bad music, Shatneresque over-acting, and some wicked fashions – this movie is a must-see. Catch Heston before he found out that Soylent Green is people. As the last man on Earth (at least until mid-way thru the movie), Heston ain’t so bad. He has a hip bachelor pad. He has a power generator to keep out the mutants, eventually a babe (and her creepy mutant child), lots of alcohol, barb wire, and a bunch of guns. For anyone that has ever dreamed of inventing a dangerous chemical weapon while working for the military-industrial complex, then finding a cure for the recently released bug, only to end up in a helicopter crash that prevents you from delivering the cure, causing everyone but yourself to turn into a mutant – this is the movie for you. Did I mention Heston has a kick butt convertible? I give this movie an “A-.”


2 comments on “The Two Towers; The Omega Man

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