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Stoker (no grade).  It doesn’t happen often, but this movie stumps me as to what grade to give it.  It is well-made, suspenseful, and features a stand-out performance by young star Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland).  But the story is disturbing, even revolting.  So, I will describe the set-up for you, gentle reader, and let you make the call.  Richard Stoker has just died, leaving behind grieving widow Evelyn (Nicole Kidman, The Paperboy) and really weird daughter India (Wasikowska).   Richard’s brother Charlie (Matthew Goode, Leap Year), whom nobody but the elderly housekeeper has apparently ever seen before, shows up and moves into Evelyn and India’s large, creepy house to help them out for a while.  Charlie has all the warmth of an anaconda, but he quickly ingratiates himself with Evelyn.  His relationship with the sneaky, sulky, and generally weird India is more complicated.  The movie is rated R for “disturbing violent and sexual content.”  I’ll say.  You’ve been warned.

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